Everything You Need to Know About Audi A8

Everything You Need to Know About Audi A8

Overview of Audi A8

The Audi A8 is the best luxury car with lots of technologies, driving features and many more options. It’s a luxury car for those who want the standard performance and perfection. The Audi A8 luxury car is a four-door, full-size sedan built by the German automaker Audi since 1994. The A8 has been offered with both front-all wheel drive and permanent all-wheel drive—and in short- and long-wheelbase variants.

Look Audi A8 generations:

Generations: 9
First production year: 1994
Engines: Diesel, Gasoline, Hybrid

AUDI A8 (D2) 1994 – 1999

The Audi introduced the first generation A8 in 1994.
Designed for the full-size luxury phase, the new model was based on the Volkswagen Group D2 platform and built on the Audi space frame aluminum structure. The A8 car was available with a choice of 2 wheelbases – standard and LWB – and was launched on the North American market 3 years later. Also in 1997, the Audi A8 received an optional ‘Quattro’ permanent all-wheel-drive system and a brand new interior trim.

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AUDI A8 (D3)

The Audi launched the second generation A8 model in 2003.

Based on the Volkswagen Group D3 platform, the new A8 featured a longer wheelbase compared to its previous generation model and was available in both standard and LWB (long wheelbase) configurations. Its bodywork was designed entirely out of aluminum (on Audi Specification Frame); while it’s mechanical system was slightly revised. The car’s style was revamped and the interior fully was redone. Audi presented a brand new range of power plants and an improved safety system.

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AUDI A8 (D3f) 2005 - 2009

Early in 2005 German carmaker, Audi introduced a fresh facelift for its luxury class A8 model.

The car received the new and from currently on emblematic single-frame front grille inspired by the Nuvolari Quattro concept. The interior was revised as well; with slight touches here and there to further boost comfort and rider safety. The engine lineup was refreshed with additional powerful and low emission engines. In 2007 Audi equipped the A8 with a new electronic safety system and offered the “Audi side Assist” technology that helps discover cars in the A8’s blind spots.

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AUDI A8 (D4) 2010 - 2013

In November 2009, Audi unveiled the fourth generation A8 in Miami, USA.

The car is made on VW’s MLP platform using the ASF (Audi Space Frame) technology for a light-weight and ultra-strong aluminum body. The new A8’s most outstanding feature is that the car’s new headlamps, that show a definite LED line that gives the car a certain presence and class. As usual, the interior is all spoiling luxury, with quality materials and craftsmanship. Every engine from A8’s new lineup managed a significant reduction in fuel consumption by the maximum amount as twenty-two percent. The car premiere’s a new driver help system referred to as predictive Route, that manages the car’s automatic transmission, adaptive cruise control, headlights intensity and lots of other features because of a mixture of intelligent GPS and front and rear cameras.

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AUDI A8 L 2010 - 2013

The new A8 L, the length and wheelbase have both been stretched by 13 centimeters versus the quality traditional version wheelbase to measure 5.27m, giving magnified comfort to rear-seat passengers. The body of this lightweight car is created of aluminum Audi Space Frame (ASF), weighing about 400th less than a comparable steel structure. It also boasts of optional LED headlights. The new 4.2-liter engine offers 22nd better fuel efficiency. The car would be launched with the W12 engine and 3.0 TDI engine in a very phased manner.

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AUDI A8 L 2013 - 2017

The 2013 Audi A8 L benefits from an extended distance compared to the stock model, having 13 extra centimeters (5.12 inches) in length, reaching 5.14 meters (16.86 ft), whilst the width and height remain unchanged (1.95 meters or 6.40 ft wide and 1.46 meters or 4.79 foot high). The engines available for the longer model are constant because of the ones for the quality one, with one exception. The 6.3-liter W12 engine with 500 horsepower is available just for the A8 L model. The car was originally unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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AUDI A8 (D4) 2013 - 2017

The 2014 Audi A8 received a slight facelift compared to its predecessor.

This time, most variations will extremely be noticed at the front of the car. The updated version comes with the manufacturer’s own, revolutionary LED headlights and new taillights. The front fascia also had the air intakes modified, to give the car a new face. Under the skin, new engines received a small bump in power the most notable one being the 4.2-liter TDI unit that went from 350 horsepower to 385 and 850 Nm of force. Just as its competitors, the new Audi A8 was designed with the word ‘lightweight’ in mind and also the results impressive, becoming the lightest model in its category, for vehicles with all-wheel-drive systems.

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AUDI A8 L 2017 – Present

The fourth-generation Audi A8, 2017 continued to be offered in an L version which was the long-wheelbase model.

This variant will simply be known by the longer rear doors that facilitate access to a roomier interior. The classiest seat within the new Audi flagship model is in the rear right – the optional relaxation seat in the Audi A8 L that comes with four different adjustment choices and a footrest. in this seat, the rider can warm and massage the soles of their feet on a unit with multiple settings incorporated into the back of the front-passenger seat. The new comfort head restraints complete the expertise. The rear passengers can also management AN array of functions like close lighting, the new HD Matrix reading lights and seat massage, and build non-public phone calls, via a separate in operation unit. The rear seat remote, with its OLED show as massive as a Smartphone, is a removable unit housed in the center rest.

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AUDI A8 2017 - Present

A new fourth-generation Audi A8 was revealed in 2017 taking the brand’s flagship model to a whole new level in terms of power, looks, and features.

Visually, the biggest changes can be seen with the new hexagonal grille, headlights, aggressive bumpers, stoplights, and waistline. The interior is also all-new being dominated by a new infotainment system. The Audi A8 is also the first production automobile in the world to have been developed for extremely automatic driving. From 2018, Audi will gradually be taking piloted driving functions like parking pilot, garage pilot and traffic jam pilot into production.

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2019 Audi A8

The 2019 Audi A8 is ranked five in super luxury cars, one of the most spacious interiors in the class, and an easy-to-use dual-screen infotainment system. The 2019 Audi A8 starts with a base price of $83,800.


Features & Specs
MSRP From $83,800
Dimensions 209″ L x 77″ W x 59″ H
MPG 19 city / 27 highway
Curb weight 4,751 lbs
Engine 3.0 L V6, 4.0 L V8
Seating 5
L 55 $83,800
L 60 $96,800
audi a8 2019


In addition to the standard active safety features including adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, blind-spot warning, lane-keeping assist, automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection and lane departure warning, the Audi A8 2019 also features maneuvering assist, an automatic parking system that can park the car into a parallel or perpendicular spot, an exit warning system that lets you know if you might hit someone with the door, and crossing assist, which uses the radar upfront to detect for possible collisions.

What We Think

We expect Audi A8 to provide a smooth ride and better driving dynamics than the luxury car it replaces thanks mainly to new features such as its all-wheel-steering system and adaptive suspension. Although it’s likely to handle better than its predecessor, we expect the A8 to coddle its passengers in a cocoon of luxury, making it an ideal car to be chauffeured in.

Cool Fact

The 2019 Audi A8 is going to be the second United State-bound Audi to feature laser headlights after the limited-run R8 V10 Plus exclusive edition.

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