Major Automakers has upside-down sale results

Major Automakers has upside-down sale results

Hyundai and Mazda have increased sales while Toyota and Honda have a downfall in sales in comparison to last year. Hyundai has reported an increase in one percent of sales in July 2020 in comparison with July 2019.  Honda has been down from 11 percent, and Toyota has a 22 percent decline in sales.


The auto sales have been downwards since pandemic which has also resulted in the shut down of many dealerships. Hyundai since the pandemic has received an increase in 1 percent sales in July, also Mazda has seen an increase in sales by 3 percent. Honda Acura line-up has an increase in 13 percent of sales and overall Honda brand is down by 13 percent.

Let’s have a look at automakers gain and loss in the sales


Honda’s line-up has received the downfall of 20 percent this month also their SUV line-up is down by 7 percent. The brand is facing major downfall issues in comparison with its competitors. Honda HR-V and Pilot model have upwards sales while the CR-V model is down from 10 percent, and the mid-size sedan segment is down from 29 percent.


The brand has retained increased sales in its Acura luxury line-up by the 2.5 percent and the best-selling Acura RDX has received an increase in 8 percent.


Hyundai has reported a 43 percent decrease in March, a 39 percent decrease in April, 13 percent in May, and 22 percent in June. Hyundai sales in July were up in July b 4 percent. In the first quarter of 2020, the brand in comparison with other automakers received a decline in sales by 18 percent while others had a 25 percent decrease. 


Hyundai has seen sales increment in the SUV line-up which has increased in comparison to the last years. The mid-size sedan sale has been increased through its best-selling vehicle Tuscan and Santa Fe which has received 10,922 and 9296 units in sales. Genesis sales are decreased by 21 percent in July.


Mazda sales have been increased to 3 percent which entirely depends upon the CX-30. The Mazda best-selling CX-5 model has received a decline in sales.


Subaru has faced a major downfall in sales by 20 percent in July as compared to the year 2019. The automakers also having a hard time in terms of maintaining inventory due to supply shortages. The best-selling Subaru models i.e Subaru Ascent, Crosstrek, and Legacy has received major downfall in sales.


Toyota and Lexus have reported a decline in the sale by 22 percent in July. The hybrid vehicle segment has increased sales by 15 percent. Lexus numbers are low too and retained a decline by 6 percent.

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