Automotive Hacks: When Things Go Upside-Down

Automotive Hacks: When Things Go Upside-Down

When things go wrong rather than waiting to do what you need to do to secure yourself and have a trouble-free ride. If you’re adventurous or often go for off-roading and in the middle of the road you get the situation of flat tire or whatnot.  As a driver, you never know what obstacles can come in your way. Here, are few hacks that can make your journey more fun in case if anything goes wrong.

Automotive Hacks

Learn To Change Tires

When you can get the service at your doorstep or can visit the service center, then what’s the need to learn? It is required to learn to avoid sticking on the road in the middle of the highway at the time of a long journey.

What To Do?

  • Loss the lugs, jack your cars and remove the wheel.
  • Blow up the air from tire where the tire will be lying flat.
  • Go under the car lower down the jack and the weight of the vehicle will push the tire outwards from the bead.
  • Continuously repeat the above process, spin wheel, and every time you spin the bead will be free.
  • Flip the tire when you remove the one bead and then continue moving forward.
  • To pull out the tire insert a crowbar and screwdriver between the tire and rim.
  • Take the bead outside the wheel wit the help of a crowbar and screwdriver.
  • Start pulling the beads in the right direction to avoid breaking them.
  • Repeat the process to pull out the other beads and the tire will be out.
  • To put the new tire reverse the process of putting beads with the help of crowbar over the beads.
  • You will put the tire on the rim put all the beads. Check twice from your hands the tire is properly fit or there won’t be any sort of explosion at the time of driving.
  • Check the tire pressure and enjoy your long journey.

Siphon Fuel

Do not suck or drink the fuel as it might come as the easiest option but it’s not as a driver you have to blow the fuel into the tank, not suck the fuel out.

How To Siphon Fuel?

  • To do this in modern vehicle it requires the semirigid tube to go under the internal valve.
  • Insert the 10-foot long tube into the filler neck till it reaches the bottom out.
  • After inserting the tube rotate it as you push and blow into the tube to check it has submerged till the end.
  • To see you are doing things in the right direction you will feel backpressure in the mouth and hear the sound of bubbles from the tank.
  • Seal it with plastic bag or rag around till the tank is full. After you blow into the tank, the fuel will continue to flow.
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Hot-Wire Vehicle

Pursuing hot-wire in modern vehicles is an impossible task as they’re made up of upgraded materials and advanced technology. The old vehicles have higher chances of getting hot wiring in the vehicle as they come with the coil ignition and steering wheel column lock which requires running the wire from positive battery terminal to positive side of the coil.

How To Hot-Wire The Vehicle?

  • Remove the placed trim around the ignition which leads to locating the bunch of wires connected to the switch.
  • Check and go through the wires which are generating the power to the switch from the battery as they are larger in diameter than other wires residing in the bunch.
  • First, check and identify the wires and electric control as they should be containing thick wires.
  • Cut the insulation of two power wires and control-module. Afterwards, connect the one power to the body control module and another wire to an electric one.

Emergency Car Tool-Kit

The way we pack medicines, necessary items, clothes, firearms, and other things which can be helpful during the journey. So why not picking a bag to hold the tools which can help you at the time of emergency on the road also save you from the uncertainties that could happen on the road.

What To Carry Inside The Kit?

  • Engine oil
  • Gas can
  • Snatch straps
  • Rechargeable batteries for EV and hybrid vehicles
  • Solar-powered charger
  • LED flashlight, and headlamps.
  • Spare tire and jack
  • Hand-operated pump
  • Spare tube to transfer fuel during siphoning
  • Tire-pressure gauge
  • Tire-patch kit and cans for fixing the flat tire.
  • Hammers, vise grips, pliers, and pry bars.
  • Carry electric tapes, voltmeter, Duct tape, and wire strippers.
  • Compact shovel.
  • Atlas, and a compass.
  • Paracord of 300 ft.
  • Carry as much as water you can and have a safe journey.

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