Best Resale Value Car Brands

Best Resale Value Car Brands

The main concern everyone has is what will be the resale value of my car? As a car gets out of showroom its price decreases but we all want a handsome price so that our next car will be not so expensive. To help you out from this concern we have created a list of car brands with best retained value and their popular models.

Toyota: Offering comfort with more reliability


Toyota vehicles have the highest resale value compared to other brands. The main strength of Toyota is building high-quality vehicles with excellent quality reliability and sturdiness. Toyota offers all type of vehicles including hybrids, SUVs, sedans, trucks and vans. Toyota cars have good safety features which make it popular among costumers even an inexpensive car has many safety features. The brand popularity of Toyota is excellent which also the main feature for its being popular in resale car brands. Here are some popular Toyota cars with best resale value:


Subaru: brand with lowest depreciation rate


Subaru has the lowest depreciation rate among all brands which make its vehicles to have good resale value. Subaru vehicles are not so expensive to fix, you can get a Subaru easily in low budget with good quality. In terms of safety and technology, Subaru is best even in less expensive vehicles. Subaru has well known for its good manufacturing. Subaru is popular in the market so it will be easy to sell/ purchase a used car. Subaru offers all-wheel-drive in mid-size cars which is just another reason for being popular. Subaru’s slowest depreciating cars:


Porsche: Most reliable luxury brand


While hearing of luxury brands we always think it’s expensive to repair or purchase or who will buy it. Don’t worry it’s not same as Porsche is one among luxury car brands with the best resale value. The depreciation rate is lower than other sports car brands. Porsche is popular because of the luxury they provide and its good reputation in the market will help you to resale it easily. Some popular models:


Chevrolet: Performance vehicles in affordable price


Chevrolet has been the in top-selling vehicles from years. Chevrolet offers every type of vehicles manufactured with keeping durability in mind. Chevrolet is so popular in the market because of its various types of features it provides and reliability of vehicles. Popular cars with good resale value:


Honda: Most affordable with higher fuel economy


With the not so expensive price and great resale value, Honda is being popular in the market for a long time. Honda has been selling in-demand vehicles with popular technology, fuel economy and reliability. Honda has good styling also which also attracts it. Several trims for models are available giving you a vast variety to choose. Listed below are models that hold their values:


Lexus: Unique Style with more comfort


Lexus has been a popular brand for delivering high-quality vehicles. Lexus offers vehicles that have excellent quality, reliability and low cost for maintenance. Lexus is a popular luxury car brand that gives you all popular technologies with stylish design. Talking about its resale value as it is a popular brand it has good value. Some reliable models of Lexus:



Which brands have worst resale value?

Jeep, Dodge, Mitsubishi are car brands which has worst resale value.

Which car brands depreciate most?

BMW, Volkswagen, Acura are car brands which depreciates most.

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