Cars With Best Resale Value

Cars With Best Resale Value

Investing your hard-earned income and not getting enough returns totally comes as a waste of money. Acquiring car ownership is expensive but at the same time considering what returns it will give in the future plays an important role.


The most important factor that affects resale value most is car depreciation. There are a number of aspects that affect the value which include maintenance, condition, etc.


The average new car depreciation is higher in comparison with the old car. Nearly most of the vehicles lose 10% of their value after driving off the lot and two-third of their value in the first five years.


The major market share is dominated by trucks and SUVs. The depreciation incurred on vehicles lower down its price from 50-55 percent which shows investing smartly can save you dollars or also saves you from running and chasing discounts and offers.

We’ve created the list of cars with the best-retained value


Subaru WRX

Subaru WRX delivers remarkable performance and is fun to drive which means greater resale value. Once you’re done driving you can sell and earn a good resale value of 45 percent and cost less than $35,000. It offers a turbocharged power engine with an all-wheel-drive which has increased its market share and makes it appealing among users to buy as a used car.


Honda Ridgeline

The mid-size truck Ridgelines provide a great amount of resale value with a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds. Ridgelines offer a smooth ride in comparison to other above-average trucks with a 3.5-liter V6 engine. It holds the 46.5 resale value which seems like a great source of investment.

honda civic

Honda Civic

Honda Civic has remained favorite of every user with its excellent mileage, powerful engine, spacious cabin, upgraded safety, and driver-assistance features. Civic has retained the best car value of 50 percent after five years.


Audi A3

We live on the mindset that luxury car will have higher resale value Audi is one of car that holds their value also compete with others in the segment. It ensures a comfortable ride, luxury interior, exteriors with a powerful acceleration which contributes to increasing price and lesser car depreciation.

toyota tacoma

Toyota Tacoma

The mid-size pickup attains the maximum resale value of 61 percent after five years. Tacoma can tow up to 6,800 pounds but it can’t compete with the full-size pickup trucks. It’s a good option to acquire in a lesser amount which has subtle payload and hauling capacity also you can enjoy vacations with friends and family.


Porsche 911

Porsche 911 possess strong residual value in comparison with it’s the newer price has just lower down to 37.2%. 911 comes in different body styles i.e. coupe, convertible and Targa in which coupe attains a depreciation of 37.2% and convertible 42.0%.

toyota tundra

Toyota Tundra

In the pickup truck segment, Toyota delivers luxury which thrashes other competitors on the resale value. Tundra offers higher reliability, luxury features with better towing capacity. It offers the V engine with a handsome fuel economy and retains the resale value of 35.9%.


Toyota 4Runner

4Runner delivers a remarkable resale value after 5 years. It delivers amazing off-roading and towing capacity to enjoy the thrilling drive and performance. It maintains the reputation of Toyota luxury brand with a powerful 4.0liter V6 engine and rugged interior.

Nissan gtr

Nissan GT-R

GT-R is reborn with superpowers and holds maximum value in the segment. The discontinuation of Skyline has given birth to GT-R which is one of the best in the segment with increased power, high-tech, advanced all-wheel-drive system, and massive V6 engine. It has occurred a depreciation of 39.4% which shows the car retains good resale value.

jeep wrangler

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep has an iconic image maintained in the market, Wrangler is one of a car that holds its value with a go-anywhere attitude, more ruggedness, durability and classic designs. In the used car market jeep holds the highest resale value of 31.5%


Chevy Colorado

Chevy trucks ensure more durability and reliability with all-terrain tires it becomes an excellent pick-up truck to invest your money in. This pickup truck has retained the 47 percent of resale value with a huge towing and payload capacity.


Chevy Silverado

Silverado is one of the best-selling vehicles in the USA which gives cut-throat competition to Ford at the time of resale value. Silverado offers huge capability, comfort and greater towing and hauling capacity and comes as more expensive when you buy new. It retains the resale value of 53.7%


Ford F150

Ford F150 has received the title of best-selling vehicle with outstanding resale value. This truck has been an American legend with a beast like an engine that generates higher acceleration and offers greater hauling and towing capacity. It retains the car 50.6% resale value.


Porsche Macan

Porsche holds an incredible resale value and considered one of the best-driving vehicles. It is fun to drive with upgraded high technology that offers an impressive resale value of 50.0%.


GMC Sierra

General Motors never disappoints us in any segment whether you invest in new or used. Sierra comes as the full-size truck with updated features, powerful engine, and performance with a strong resale value of 56.7%

Mercedes-Benz G class

Mercedes-Benz G class

G Class is appealing among users as body style remains the same users cannot differentiate between the old and latest model. It holds the resale value of 45.2% after five years which means a luxury can provide you the amount to invest in another luxury.

nissan frontier

Nissan Frontier

Frontier is one of the oldest mid-size truck with different bed and cab lengths with different bed and cab lengths. They’ve large four and six-cylinder engines with high technology and more reliability. It possesses a resale value of 39.5% offers more comfort and a smooth driving experience.

honda HRV

Honda HR-V

HR-V is one of the leading vehicles in the segment which offers the versatility of an SUV which comes at an affordable price. It has an impeccable exterior with fun to drive characters and at the time of resale, it retains 50% of the value.


Which car color has the best resale value?

White, Silver, Black, Dark blue and Grey holds the best resale value.

Which cars retain the worst resale value?

BMW 5, 6 and 7 series, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, Mercedes-Benz S and E class cars retain the worst resale value.

Why Ford holds the lesser resale value?

Ford is the second-largest manufacturer in the world delivers a lesser resale value is what the user can’t expect. The petrol version of ford vehicles offers less value also they have poor mileage. On the other hand diesel version, cars retain maximum resale value.

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