Buy Used Cars: Cars Under 10000

Buy Used Cars: Cars Under 10000

Shopping a vehicle is always exciting (who aren’t nowadays?) with some useful research. The average worth of a new car in the United States has been steadily creeping towards the $40,000, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend more than you’re able or willing. Finding a new vehicle can be stressful because of severe financial decisions. Still, it’s necessary to remember that there’s no point in adding a higher monthly payment for a lightly over-priced new car when you can buy used and still get a quality cars.


If you’re exploring for a decent collection of wheels, something to transport the family, or your gear, there’s no requirement to break the bank; you have a lot of choices. So to help you shop for a low-priced used vehicle, we’ve compiled a list of the best used cars under $10,000 here. These under-budget rides have a little something for everyone, from quirky styling to gas-saving hybrid technology.

Take a glance at this list of the best-used cars under $10,000? Try One Of These!

2009 Toyota RAV4

The Best Toyota Crossover SUV

For what reason why you should buy this: Several different cars into one

Who’s it for: Anyone seeking a usual stress-free car

How much does the used 2009 Toyota RAV4 cost: About $10,000.

The reason why we selected the 2009 Toyota RAV4:

Toyota Rav4 2009

The Toyota RAV4 is different cars rolled out a brand brand-new facelift in 2009 into one. This time concerning only specific markets, with changes related to appearance and engine performance. It’s a comparatively roomy crossover, so you can take it on a road ride without feeling cramped. It’s reasonably efficient, especially, and the performance area got enhanced with an upgraded four-cylinder engine focused on fuel efficiency but without neglecting overall output. New features were also debuted, including a back-up camera for more accessible parking, satellite navigations, push the start button, and keyless entry. Ultimately, it’s a Toyota, so you know it’ll keep going without requiring regular trips to the shop.

2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The best used SUV

For what reason why you should buy this: It can tow, go off-road, and coddle its occupants.

Who’s it for: Motorists who need a large, burly SUV.

How much does the used 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee cost: About $10,000.

The reason why we selected the 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee:

2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The 4th-generation American SUV retains its classic Jeep styling combined with a modern & sleek body style, luxurious interior, featuring leather trim and wood accents, plus state-of-the-art electronics options.

The 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee shows its age, styling isn’t what we’d call elegantly timeless, but its best qualities are. It’s competent off-road, and it’s a blank slate for modifications if you want to go further off the hidden path. It’s excellently equipped, especially if you get the Limited trim level, and it’s available with a strong V8 that’s right to tow. The trade-off is that the Jeep Grand Cherokee isn’t very fuel-efficient offered this generation of the model with a six or an eight-cylinder engine, and both like to slurp gasoline.

2014 Chevrolet Cruze

The best used fuel-efficient used car

For what reason why you should buy this: it’s fuel-efficient without the complexity of a hybrid.

Who’s it for: Frugal drivers.

How much does the used 2014 Chevrolet Cruze cost: About $10,000

The reason why we selected the 2014 Chevrolet Cruze:

2014 Chevrolet Cruze

Whatever you spend a lot of time on the motorway, a small, turbocharged diesel engine is usually a better buy than a gasoline-electric hybrid power train. The 2014 Chevrolet Cruze received fuel economy ranks of 27 mpg in the city, and 46 mpg on the highway, though many buyers came crossing the 50-mpg threshold without even trying. The Chevrolet Cruze‘s engine is simple to keep going because there are several moving parts in a diesel than in a similar, gasoline-powered engine, let alone a full hybrid system.

2010 Nissan Frontier

The best used truck

For what reason why you should buy this: It’s a used truck that’s almost as good as new.

Who’s it for: Motorists who want a mid-size pickup.

How much does the used 2010 Nissan Frontier cost: About $10,000

The reason why we selected the 2010 Nissan Frontier:

2010 Nissan Frontier

The Nissan Frontier is available now in several different configurations. There are two & four-door cabs, four & six-cylinder engines, and rear- or four-wheel drive, not mention an array of trim levels changing. All are well-suited to towing anything you want to move, and because the Frontier is a comparatively small pickup, it fits in spots bigger models would have to like from distant.

2005 Lexus LS 430

The best used luxury car

For what reason why you should buy this: Luxury never goes out of style

Who’s it for: Motorists who want a luxurious deal.

How much does the used 2005 Lexus LS 430 cost: About $10,000

The reason why we selected the 2004 Lexus LS 430:

2005 Lexus LS 430

Suppose you are spending close to $80,000 on a car and selling it for less than $10,000 about 15 years later. That’s a lousy investment, but the new owner’s loss can be your gain. The 2005 Lexus LS 430 is an old-school luxury at its best. It’s comfortable and a V8 engine under the long spacious hood.

There are many other sedans suitable for a star in this price range, like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 Series, but we chose Lexus LS 430 because Toyota owns Lexus.

Where to buy

 Where you purchase your next used car can be a very important factor. When shopping for a brand new to you rides, you’ll most likely come across ads announce by both dealers and private sellers. Every type of seller offers some pros and cons, so here’s fast analysis:


Private sellers: shopping for a car from a private does provide some advantages. Their situation may create them a lot of seemingly to cut a deal. The seller could, as an example, have to be compelled to sell a car quickly to come up with the money or because they not have an area to stock it. The private seller is not running a business with expenses; you’re also a lot of probably to get a low price.


Dealers: Auto dealers have a well-deserved reputation for offensive systems, so the buying process can be a lot of simple than going for an auto dealer. An Auto dealer can potentially take your current car as belonging, and handle a great deal of the paperwork required to put your “new” vehicle on the road.


Dealers with certified pre-owned programs: Some Auto dealers also provide certified pre-owned used cars under-supported program by the manufacturer. The “certified” section means these cars have undergone a lot of thorough pre-sale review and conditioning processes, backed by an increased warranty.


Certified pre-owned cars tend to be of high quality with lower mileage. The extra effort put into conditioning them, means prices are usually more than other used cars. However, having the backing of a manufacturer offers peace of mind. Finding one of these cars falls into your price range.

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