Biggest Car Companies in the World

Biggest Car Companies in the World

As we have watched the movies, heard the stories from our grandparents or taught in the school there was no major source of transportation in the early 18’s. People were majorly dependent on using the trains, boats or carriage to even run the daily errands. If in case they miss these sources they’ve to wait for hours or sometimes for one long day.


American automobile industry has the one to grow in an effective manner and produced some everlasting masterpiece which is well-known and left their imprints in history also in the life of people. Hundreds and thousands of manufacturers have put efforts into creating the best vehicles but few of them succeed and maintained to survive till the 21st century and for the next 100 years they will flourish.


Every American brand have bigger plans for the future with the introduction of exclusive EVs, hybrids, powerful sports car, hypers cars and supercars are making their way in the coming years.


Let’s have a look at these leading car brands and their magnificent creations in the automobile industry.


General Motors is one of the largest automakers in the world which produces cars under 13 renowned brands i.e. Chevrolet, Buick, etc.  GMC was earlier known as Rapid Motor Vehicle Company after the merger the companies name has changed to General Motor Truck Company.

GMC is specialized in manufacturing big trucks and pickups. The brands have various joint ventures across the world and have production facilities in 40 different countries. It offers affordable trucks and utility vehicles produced under this brand where some of the vehicles of GMC have achieved the best rankings in compact and crossover.

gmc logo


Ford is a second-largest American car manufacturer in the world and attained the position in the list of world’s top automakers.  Henry Ford soon will be named as the father of American automobile as the company has never failed to fulfill our expectations. Ford is even operating with different joint ventures all over the world i.e. China, Thailand, Turkey, and Russia.

Ford lineup includes sedan, crossovers, SUVs, vans, and Trucks also they’re increasing their production in EVs and hybrid models.

ford logo
ford car


Chrysler is one of the third-largest American car manufacturers in the world. In 2014, it becomes Fiat Chrysler Automobile US and termed as the seventh-largest car manufacturer in the world by the production. The company also manufactures vehicles under the name of well-known brands i.e. Dodge, Jeep, and Ram.



Buick is one of the oldest and most reliable American car manufacturers. They’ve made the traditional and iconic cars over the years. Buick is another segment of General Motors which is famous for producing luxury vehicles. The company has produced millions of vehicles and includes the line-up of 11 vehicles in which 50% of them are sedans.

buick logo
buick enclave


The racecar driver and industrialist has built the well-known car company name Chevrolet. Like Buick and Cadillac, Chevy is also the division General motors company. The brand has produced iconic vehicles i.e. premium SUVs, pickup trucks and sports cars.

chevrolet logo
chevrolet silverado


The tagline of defines it all about the luxury brand Ultimate Driving Machine”. They have begun the business in 1916 and their major source of income was from the powerful engine they created which has been improvised with the time. They have entitled to one of the best German Car Manufacturers in the world who built luxury and performance saloons.

bmw logo


Audi has been well-known for creating technology advanced and alluring interiors. This luxury brand produces vehicles that are beyond one’s expectations with a beast-like power engine associated with instinctive technology. In German, Audi means “listen” which includes four car companies and the logo shows the same four interlinked rings. The brand has got recognition in the 80s for using the 4-wheel-drive, Audi Quattro in rallying.

audi logo
audi a7


The inventor of the petrol-powered car was Karl Benz. Benz and Daimler’s Motor Company has collaborated to produce the line of luxury vehicles that formed the Mercedes after the Austrian investor’s daughter. They Daimler company renamed the car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes has created the revolution and created the lineup of modern cars with the supercharged engines, diesel passenger cars, 4 wheels independently, ABS are all started with the Mercedes-Benz.

mercedez logo
mercedez benz c class


Volkswagen has remained on the renowned German Car Brand and acquired some of the iconic brands over time i.e. Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Skoda, and SEAT. The brand doesn’t deliver the luxury but it has delivered some of the best vehicles with the iconic Volkswagen logo.

Volkswagen majorly dominates the European car market with the creation of VW Polo and Golf.

vw logo
vw tiguan


Unlike, other German car brands Porsche doesn’t offer as many cars. They’ve embarked their presence worldwide with the designing and building the most affordable car i.e. VW Beetle. The Ferdinand Porsche share the love for motorsport later focused on creating the high performance and built the legend Porsche 911.

The 911 has been remarkable and remained largely unchanged through the generation and they have also extended the line-up by adding SUVs and family cars.

porche logo
porche 911


One of the old Japanese car manufacturer and renowned for the more reliability and safety in their vehicles. They deliver an exceptionally innovative approach in their cars by introducing newer concepts every now and then.  Toyota has acquired the title of best-selling cars and proceeds further in the EV segment.

They hold major dominance in the US market and becoming the leaders in hybrid and EV market. Their model Prius become one of the best-selling hybrid cars in the world. The company produces under the Scion, Ranz, and Lexus brand.

toyota logo
toyota corolla


Honda is one of the top Japanese car brands which is well-known for producing an internal combustion engine, eco-friendly technologies, and hybrid powertrains. The brand delivers high performance with maximum reliability. Honda Civic has remained the best-seller still retaining the love from users.

The brand is also dealing in luxury cars and launched Acura to the US market and till now the company is reaching heights in the market.

honda logo
honda crv


Lexus is the luxury line up of Japanese car manufacturer Toyota. The brand is dealing in 70+ countries and become Japan’s largest-selling make of premium cars.  Lexus has been well-known for producing the advanced luxury vehicle with greater reliability, modern interiors, smooth and powerful engines.

Lexus ES


Nissan is the second-largest Japanese car manufacturer who sells vehicles under Nissan and Datsun models. Later, the company has faced a severe financial crisis and merged with the French automaker, Renault. Nissan introduced the all-electric and affordable Leaf which has been termed as World car of the year.

Nissan also deals in luxury subsidiaries of Infiniti, Datsun and performance vehicles NISMO. The brand has been well-known for producing performance vehicles and legendary GT-R.

nissan logo
Nissan GT-R


Honda extended its US luxury lineup and named it Acura in 1986. The vehicles which are made under the name of Acura are based upon Honda models with upgraded features, trims, and more comfort. Acura has major American market dominance and it doesn’t deal in Japan.

Acura ILX


Kia is one of the oldest Korean car brands used to deal with bicycle parts. Afterward, they started dealing in motorcycles and trucks for more than 20 years and further moved to produce passenger cars. Later, KIA merged with the Ford and Mazda to produce passenger cars.

Kia is a subsidiary of Hyundai and acquired the position of the second-largest Korean automaker. Their lineup has cars and SUVs are equipped with unique designs and high technology. This Korean brand has strong reliability, more powertrain with high acceleration and fuel economy.

kia logo
Kia optima


Hyundai is one of the leading car manufacturer in South Korea. It has maintained a remarkable reputation in the market for reliability and quality.  Furthermore, the brand has increased its line up in luxury cars and Korean sports cars. Hyundai deals in sedan, hatchback, sports cars, SUVs, vans, commercial vehicles, and engines.

hyundai logo
hyundai Accent

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