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ANS: Let's take a glance at the 5 best selling cars of all time.
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Ford F-Series
  • Volkswagen Golf
  • Honda Civic
  • Volkswagen Passat and more.
ANS : Getting a great deal on new or used car depends on the time of year, month and day you buy it. The months of October, November and December &; best days of the week are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to buy a car as there is less customer traffic which means there is a huge possibility of getting best deals. Also, car dealerships tend to be crowded throughout the weekends.
ANS : New Cars are more desirable in the summers, so wait until the winters for the best deals. As car buying in the winters can help you save thousands of dollars. Particularly, in the end of June and December dealers might be ready to hit their quarterly sales targets and are more likely to offer you a good deal.
ANS : The months of October, November and December are the best time of year to buy a used car. Avoid buying used car in the spring or summer wait until winter, when demand is much lower.
ANS : Nowadays, the auto market is full of so many options that it can be hard to decide which car you should buy that will exactly suit your needs. It just takes a little research and planning, car insurance details, fuel, and maintenance costs that help you choose the best car in your budget. Finding the correct car for you is all about putting the most effective cost between the performance, features, and quality you want, and your budget. According to US News the winners of our 2019 Best car for the money Awards.
ANS : Buying best used luxury cars is much easier when you use all the tools available to you, like car comparison tool, online listings of all cars and vehicle history reports. Here are 10 steps you’ll need to take to buy a used car:
  • Set your budget
  • Choose the right car
  • Check reliability and ownership value
  • Locate used car
  • Check car pricing
  • Check the vehicle history
  • Contact the car dealer
  • Go for a test drive
  • Negotiate for the best price
  • Close the deal
ANS: Let's take a look at Top 7 fastest cars in the world:
  • Hennessey Venom F5 – 301 mph*
  • SSC Tuatara – 300+ mph*
  • SCC Ultimate Aero - 256 MPH
  • Koenigsegg Agera RS – 278 mph
  • Hennessey Venom GT – 270 mph
  • Bugatti Veyron Super Sport – 268 mph
  • Bugatti Chiron – 261 mph
ANS : Let's take a look at the top 5 best selling cars of all time
  1. Toyota Corolla (MSRP: From $19,500)
  2. Ford F Series (MSRP: From $28,155)
  3. Volkswagen Golf (MSRP: From $21,845)
  4. Volkswagen Beetle (MSRP: From $20,895)
  5. Chevrolet Impala ( MSRP: From $28,020)
ANS : Here are the top 5 sports cars
The best selling sports cars
Affordable sports cars MSRP Horsepower Engine Curb weight MPG
BMW M3 From $66,500 425 to 453 hp 3.0 L 6-cylinder 3,494 to 3,540 lbs Up to 17 city / 25 highway
Mini Cooper Countryman From $26,900 134 to 228 hp 1.5 L 3-cylinder, 2.0 L 4-cylinder 3,300 to 3,629 lbs Up to 24 city / 33 highway
Subaru BRZ  From $25,795 200 to 205 hp  2.0 L 4-cylinder 2,789 to 2,840 lbs Up to 24 city / 33 highway
Mazda MX-5 Miata From $25,730 181 hp 2.0 L 4-cylinder 2,337 to 2,388 lbs Up to 26 city / 35 highway
Nissan 370Z $29,990 332hp 3.7L VQ37VHR V6 3,232 lbs Up to 19 city / 26 highway
ANS: Best Selling American Cars of all time
ANS: Electric cars are becoming an increasingly common sight on American roads. And while just some brands may dominate the news cycle, there are actually well over a dozen fully battery-electric models on sale in the United States today. Here is a list of best selling electric cars of all time.
ANS: Here we are highlighting the best compact SUVs below to help you get the best deals:
Best compact SUVs
Honda CRV 2019 $24,350 - $34,150   26 City / 32 Hwy  
Mazda CX 5 2019 $24,350 - $36,890   25 City / 31 Hwy  
Kia Sportage 2019 $23,750 - $34,600   22 City / 29 Hwy  
Subaru Forester 2019 $24,295 - $34,295   26 City / 33 Hwy  
ANS: Pickup trucks are habitually the top selling vehicle in the U.S. and makers have engaged in a nonstop trend of adding features, capability and technology to these workhorses. Smart buyers know that it's best to choose the most reliable used model in order to save lots of even extra money over the long run and that a used truck that has been absolutely inspected and fixed is simply like buying a new one but at a much bigger discount. Based on the latest analysis of US news, these are the most reliable, certified pre-owned trucks that are likely to prove dependable over time.
  1. Toyota Tundra
  2. Ram 1500
  3. Ford F-150
  4. Ford F-150 Raptor
  5. Chevrolet Silverado 1500
ANS: Everybody has their own list of requirements when buying brand new cars. Worth is usually one of the most important factors. Some people are looking for safety, where others prioritize performance, some need a car full of all the latest technologies, while others want a car with as few distractions as possible but there is one thing pretty much everyone desires a reliable set of wheels.
ANS : 
Honda Accord       MSRP: $23,720        MPG city/highway: 30/38  
Honda Civic MSRP: $19,450   MPG city/highway: 32/42  
Nissan Altima MSRP: $24,000   MPG city/highway: 28/39  
Toyota Camry MSRP: $24,095   MPG city/highway: 29/41  
Ford Focus MSRP: $17,950   MPG city/highway: 30/40  
Ford Explorer MSRP: $36,675   MPG city/highway: 19/27  
ANS: Here is a list of best selling safety car brands:
Minicars Hyundai Accent   Kia Rio 4-door sedan  
Small cars Hyundai Elantra GT   Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid  
Midsize cars Honda Accord   Nissan Altima  
Large cars Kia Cadenza   toyota avalon
Small SUVs BMW X2   Honda CR-V  
Midsize SUVs Honda Pilot   Hyundai Santa Fe XL  
Minivans Chrysler Pacifica   Honda Odyssey  
ANS : The fastest cars in the world are usually a fun list to compile, because the common denominator of every entry is speed, and speed also happens to be the coolest and most exciting force a moving object can produce. Right now, the car industry is amidst a speed renaissance of sorts, in which new technologies are either replacing previous technologies or finding ways to be with them.
  • SSC TUATARA – 300+ MPH

ANS : 

Model Price
 Rolls-Royce Sweptail  $13 million
 Mercedes-Benz Maybach Exelero $8 million
 Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita $4.8 million
 Lamborghini Veneno $4.5 million
 W Motors Lykan Hypersport $3.4 million

ANS : 8 Important things to look for when buying a used car:

  • Find a car under your budget
  • Look carefully at the car’s exterior and interior.
  • Perform a leak test.
  • Have a mechanic inspection of the vehicle.
  • Consider all of your financing options.
  • Run a Carfax report.
  • Take a test drive.
  • Be prepared to walk away.
ANS: You must have already done a full car review before making the deal. But, your work doesn’t end there. There are still necessary things to do after buying a used car.
  • Title Transfer & Registration 
  • Spot the Minor problems and Fix Them
  • Call a trustworthy Mechanic
  • Work on the Fluids
  • Change the Filters
  • Examine the Brakes
  • Check the Health of the Tires
  • Do an expert improvement
  • Add a Personal Touch

ANS : Buying a car is a major decision, if you're new to car buying or haven't made a purchase in many years because the options can seem endless. Find out what car you should buy with these steps.

  • Assess your desires
  • Set Your Budget
  • Decide If you want to Lease or purchase
  • Consider other Cars in the category
  • Find Cars for sale
  • Book a test Drive
  • Pick your car
  • Time to shop for or Lease

ANS : Here are some essential questions to ask when buying a used car :

  • Do you have the title in hand?
  • Can You Show Me the Car Service History?
  • Can I take it for a Test Drive?
  • Can I get the car to a mechanic for an inspected?
ANS: Most car buyers put all of their efforts into finding the proper car. While that is critically important, figuring out how to pay for it and getting an auto loan are also important parts of the car buying process. Figuring out your budget and car finance can also help you gauge how much vehicles you can afford, helping you narrow your choices. Smart car buyers know exactly how much vehicle they can afford and have a plan in place to finance their new ride before they even think about heading to a dealership. While you might end up with dealer financing, if the dealer doesn’t have an offer to beat, they’ll don't have any incentive to give you a deal. Here's a top-level view of everything you wish to know about car financing before visiting the dealer:
  • Learn the Language of Lending
  • Your Credit Score, and Why it Matters
  • Finding a Good Financing Deal
  • Applying for a Car Loan
  • See What Financing the Dealership Offers
  • Finalizing the Deal