2020 has been cancelling all things lately and we going to experience Independence Day this year in a different way. There will be fewer gatherings which means you will be spending time with family on this day those who have started working from office as we are in the unlock phase.

This year we cannot do the parties we used to do, the places we used to visit which means use this money into something fruitful. How about investing in buying a car?  The people aren’t happy as this is a holiday but they are excited as this holiday comes bearing exciting offers and deals on new cars, trucks, and SUVs.

The automakers are facing a hard time due to pandemic but in every possible way, they are welcoming customers by offering the best deals, incentives, cashback during the holiday. It would be suggestively a wise decision to invest your money in the 4th of July deals.

We Have Streamlined The Best 4th Of July Car Deals For You. Let’s Have A Look!

2020 Audi A4

What’s better than buying a luxury vehicle at a lesser price. A4 is a compact sedan with sporty handling, powerful powertrain, luxury touches, and features which makes it more fun to drive. A4 is the best choice as it delivers excellent fuel economy, all-wheel-drive, active safety features, more practical which is available at a great price and worth every single penny. The customers can avail of a discount and save money on MSRP is $3,636 also they can retain financing deals and pay easy monthly payments.

audi-a4-2019 interior

2020 Acura MDX

2020 Acura MDX is a mid-size luxury crossover that delivers high performance. MDX is available in gasoline and a hybrid powertrain with a set of desirable features and offers a seating capacity of seven passengers and can tow up to 5000 pounds and it is available in FWD with a technology package.

Acura has been dominating the market from the year 2014 and delivers a fun drive. The buyers can save on MSRP for up to rs $6,654 which makes it available at a lesser price or less monthly payments.


2020 Genesis G70

G70 is a luxury compact sports sedan with an array of premium quality brand materials, quick acceleration, soft touches, aggressive brakes, 19-inch wheels, all-season tires. G70 at a discounted rate is quite a catch in the new car segment. The purchase of new G70 can make you save $3,677 on MSRP also Hyundai is offering major financing deals or zero-percent financing offers.

genesis-g70-2020 interior

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLA

2020 Mercedes Benz GLA is a luxury SUV with a set of high-end features, advanced technology. The interior and exterior are the compelling fully modernized dashboard, features make it more valuable at a less price which shows it’s the best cars to acquire in the long run. GLA saves money on MSRP up to $3,613 and monthly payments can range between $502.

mercedes-benz-gla-class-2020 interior

2020 RAM 1500

Ram 1500 offers a set of powertrain choices with high-end technology. The pickup truck is extremely versatile, luxurious interior, smooth ride on paved surfaces and off-roading, best-in-class towing and payload capacity.  Ram 1500 is more efficient and refined as its reputation precedes in the pickup truck segment which makes it more valuable. Ram can save you up to $6,000 on MSRP also buyers can retain a $1000 cash bonus.


2020 Toyota Camry

The Camry is one of the best sedans with enough space, subtle interior with alluring styles and designs, and delivers high performance. The hybrid powertrain delivers an extended driving range. It has adaptive dampers, additional chassis, light-weight wheels, front brake calipers, TRD specific exhaust system. Camry offers a series of trim i.e. hybrid, luxury, and TRD. Camry can make you save up to $2,250 on MSRP also it has easy and affordable monthly payments.

toyota-camry-2020 interior

2021 Volkswagen Atlas

2021 Volkswagen is the best choice in three-row size midsize SUV which offers maximum cabin space, premium quality cabin materials, ample space in legroom, spacious cargo, and Atlas delivers a comfortable ride. Buying a new car Volkswagen Altas can save you money up to $4,820 on MSRP also buyers can acquire zero percent financing on VW all cars for sale.


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