Best Luxury Sports Car Lotus Elise for Sale

Best Luxury Sports Car Lotus Elise for Sale

It’s not a secret that the magic of sports cars spellbinds us all and that today’s world is crazy about them. Performance, peculiarity, and luxuriance are the factors that attract everyone towards these cars for sale. Car lovers dream of owning and so driving this majestic masterpiece of the automotive industry to take pleasure of its existence at least once in their lifetime.

And nobody wants to miss the chance of fulfilling this desire to own  expensive cars, especially when years of savings bumping out of the pocket. So, here is a shortlist to take you on a daydream ride:

Lotus Elise exterior

The above-listed chariots prices range $50,000 to $150,000 for their brand new variants, but if you hunt for their used mates—there are chances you’d get them under $100,000.

Apart from this segment—there is a car that would perhaps be difficult to find a new one across the United States, but certainly, you can have its new version.


Lotus Elise is one most popular cars for sale at various classified sites is a two-seater sports vehicle specially designed to reflect these three master traits—style, speed, and luxury. Clinging to the sporty look and swanky aura this superfast Lotus Elise for sale possesses some more features.

It has:

  • Top-speed of 145 mph.
  • Acceleration (0-60 mph) of 4.2 seconds.
  • Eibach Springs Suspension.
  • Lightweight Composite Body.
  • AP Racing Twin-piston Front and Brembo Single-piston Rear Calipers Brake System.
  • 16″ Front & 17″ Rear Alloy Wheels.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity of 43.5 liters.

Overall, if you are deemed to search for glamorous affordable luxury cars —a Lotus Elise would be a great choice to go for.

Lotus Elise interior

Lotus Elise Price

It’d cost you between $97,7990 – $107,990. We wish you the best for your upcoming best sports car.

We wish you the best for your upcoming best sports car.

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