Most Popular Car in America

May 21, 2019/Steve Tackett

Here are the 6 most popular cars:

The Honda Accord is number one ranking car in the USA according to US News and World report.


MSRP: $23,720
MPG city/highway: 30/38

The Honda Civic is the second top rated subcompact car which offers impressive variety among the lineup of coupes, sedans and hatchbacks.


MSRP: $19,450
MPG city/highway: 32/42

Nissan Altima is described by fans as; Fun to drive, powerful, spacious, and practical quality engineered. The Altima is one of the most popular fuel efficiencies cars in America.


MSRP: $24,000
MPG city/highway: 28/39

The Toyota Camry is the top-selling sedan in the U.S. Camry offers better performance and efficiency, and a longer list of standard safety and technology features than ever before.


MSRP: $24,095
MPG city/highway: 29/41

The most recent Ford Focus has earned top ratings in many of its safety designations from IIHS.


MSRP: $17,950
MPG city/highway: 30/40

The Ford Explorer quickly becomes one of the most popular American cars of all the time.


MSRP: $36,675
MPG city/highway: 19/27