Most Popular Car in America: Prices and Details

May 21, 2019/All Car Sales

Here are the 6 most popular cars:

Honda Accord

Honda Accord

MSRP : $23,720
MPG city/highway: 30/38

The Honda Accord is number one ranking car in the USA according to US News and World report.

Honda Accord has made us head over heels in love with its midsize sedan as it is stylish and also comfortable with its maximum utility. It provides smooth drive on the roads but tires tend to create harsh noise when dragged at the highway at high speed.

Honda offers the utmost technology but not as advanced as other brands, it comes with the standard feature inbuilt and has five different trims available LX, sport, Hybrid, EX, EX-L, and Touring. It lies in the sedan family and provides an experience above your expectation with the six-speed transmission which is perfect for maintaining the balance between sports cars and as well as for fun family drive.

Honda Civic

Honda Civic

MSRP : $19,450
MPG city/highway: 32/42

The Honda Civic is the second top rated subcompact car which offers impressive variety among the lineup of coupes, sedans and hatchbacks.

Honda Civic comes in two different versions which are Si and Type R which ensures high performance. The Honda Civic Type R comes as hatchback with four seats has 2.0 liter turbocharged with 360hp and a six-speed manual transmission

Honda Civic is an individual’s first choice for their comfort and lies in the compact sedan and less styling updates. It has vast interiors that offer numerous amount of cargo space and as well as a comfortable drive.

Nissan Altima

Nissan Altima

MSRP : $24,100
MPG city/highway: 28/39

Nissan Altima is described by fans as; Fun to drive, powerful, spacious, and practical quality engineered. The Altima is one of the most popular fuel efficiencies cars in America.

It lies under the category of a mid-size sedan but facing a huge amount of competition by the Honda Accord, Mazda 6. Nissan Altima comes two-engine with maximum fuel economy and smooth ride. It offers features like an all-wheel-drive and a unique VC turbo engine.

Nissan Altima is available five different trims such as S, SR, SV, SL, and Platinum with the sport-tuned suspension and 19-inch wheels which makes it easy to drive and is available in cheaper base models. It offers subtle and impressive interiors with the inclusion of standard features like Apple car play and Android Auto.

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry

MSRP : $24,095
MPG city/highway: 29/41

The Toyota Camry is the top-selling sedan in the U.S. Camry offers better performance and efficiency, and a longer list of standard safety and technology features than ever before.

Toyota Camry falls under the midsize car which offers a comfortable ride, powerful engine, stunning interior, and easily accessible infotainment system. It is an affordable purchase in the sedan segment cars in comparison with the Honda Accord and Mazda 6 and the price has a bit of difference as we go further with the trims it becomes expensive

Toyota produces the most reliable cars which give us another reason to buy Toyota Camry as it has upgrades in every model and also they are maintaining customer loyalty which provides them higher market dominance and as well as users.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus

MSRP : $17,950
MPG city/highway: 30/40

The most recent Ford Focus has earned top ratings in many of its safety designations from IIHS.

Ford always remains an individual’s first choice due to its powerful engine and impressive fuel economy. The Focus has powertrains along with the standard V4 engine and provides easy driving which enhances the experience.

Ford Focus is available in two models i.e, hatchback and sedan and also sporty edge looking vehicles for those who love rash and exciting driving. It also has the feature of opting heated seats in the front and steering wheels which makes driving pleasant in the winters.

Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer

MSRP : $36,675
MPG city/highway: 19/27

The Ford Explorer quickly becomes one of the most popular American cars of all the time.

Ford Explorer comes under the midsize SUV which has great towing capacity and as well as it is also fuel-efficient which makes it most powerful. According to the trend of Hybrid vehicles, ford offers no compromise explorer limited Hybrid with the 400 hp at the speed of 143mph which establishes the adventure among you.

The all-new Ford Explorer has a Terrain management system that provides the option to tackle the adventure and select from seven selectable drive modes. It has also the option of Ford Co-pilot as a safety feature.

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