Most Reliable Car Brand

May 21, 2019/Steve Tackett

Everybody has their own list of requirements when buying brand new cars. Worth is usually one of the most important factors. Some people are looking for safety, where others prioritize performance, some need a car full of all the latest technologies, while others want a car with as few distractions as possible but there is one thing pretty much everyone desires a reliable set of wheels. Here are some of the most reliable car brands for your reference.

1. Lexus

The Lexus offers a wide range of vehicles, from small cars to large SUVs  and it bagged the 2017 best compact car for the money award as per the US news.

The Porsche is known for building high-performance vehicles. Reliability like this is not inexpensive; Porsches have higher starting prices than most competitors.

3. Lincoln

The Lincoln luxury models are often outranked by very stiff competition in design and performance.

4. Buick

The Buick offers most reliable cars with half a dozen models, from the convertible Cascada to the Enclave midsize SUV. Buick competes in luxury categories with some of its vehicles, while others are more affordable.

One of the reasons for Toyota’s popularity is its unmatched reliability. It offers more than two dozen models for sale in the United States.

The Mercedes Benz is the most reliable car brand in the U.S. market. Mercedes has more than a dozen luxury models available for sale, from sports cars like the SLC to rugged SUVs like the G-Class.

7. Kia

The Kia is one of the most reliable car brands in the market and it earned 2017 best compact car for the money award according to the US news.

8. BMW

The BMW is known for spirited driving dynamics and upscale interiors. It offers powerful base engine, sharper handling, and more interior space.

9. Honda

The Honda offers not only one of the best pickup trucks but also have the highest ranking score.

10. Chevrolet

The Chevrolet is one of the most reliable cars offers a powerful engine that puts performance at your fingertips.