Porsche shows Pride Month Colors in 911s

Porsche shows Pride Month Colors in 911s

The standing up for LGBTQ community and paying respect through Pride Month which is also known as Christopher Street Day in Germany. The festival begins at the end of July where Porsche shows respect through six colors Porsche 911 which represents the Pride in this festival.

Automakers take on Pride Month

The Automakers around the world expressed their support in Pride Month events. Porsche has expressed their gratitude in Gay Pride Month by showcasing cars with rainbow theme colors.  Bentley has shown Continental GT V8 in rainbow theme colors at North West of England. In June, BMW celebrated and appreciating LGBTQ Pride Month in the United States in 8 Series Convertible wrapped in rainbow colors.


We have been the Social Media is flooded with Pride Month and everyone around the corner is appreciating and expressing their gratitude towards the LGBTQ community.  The millions of people around the world have been protesting and campaigning for the rights of the community and accepting them with open-mindedness.


Porsche has said “ We demand equal opportunities and want to give every employee the same and treat them equally regardless of their gender, background, specially-abled, age, sex, or more.


Porsche just doesn’t showcase the vehicle they have also made the flagpole with rainbow colors which will be showcased during the weekend. The vehicles will be parked outside at the Porsche Museum where employees will join the virtual Pride run where they will be wearing bright-colored shirts. 


Porsche has also contributed to this matter before three and half years ago and joined hands with the Department for equal opportunities and diversity where they focus on promoting and providing equal opportunities to everyone regardless of their gender.

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