Excessive safety measures by Car Automakers Post Quarantine for Car-Shoppers

Excessive safety measures by Car Automakers Post Quarantine for Car-Shoppers

We have to live with Coronavirus Pandemic as it has done the destruction of the economy, lives, and whatnot. The world is in the state of re-opening and in the light of COVID-19 safety measures remain at topmost priority to open car dealership and put health at priority.

The car dealerships are majorly sticking to encourage virtual payments, contactless delivery, online appointments, at home test-drives, online paperwork in order to follow maximum social distancing. We know in-person dealings are fairer and provide you a clear perspective of the deal and negotiation becomes easier.

Let’s see what steps have been taken by car dealerships and manufacturers in the US.

General Motors

General Motors is welcoming the franchise dealership to be a part of the initiative CLEAN PROGRAM. The franchises are of its subsidiary brands i.e. BUICK, CADILLAC, CHEVROLET, and GMC. 

The dealerships who are going to be the part of “CLEAN PROGRAM”  has to follow certain instructions and guidelines by the CDC. It requires the dealers to use Environmental Protection Agency approved cleansers to clean facilities, use for cleaning of new, used, test drive, and for servicing customer vehicles. Dealers who are part of this initiative have to strictly adhere to the CDC guidelines.


Hyundai has initiated a “Clean Assurance Program” in which cleaning products have been provided by the Bioesque Solutions. The staff members have been guided to follow social distancing norms and how to operate properly at the time of maintaining communication with customers, following proper sanitization process.

Hyundai has more drawn towards operating virtually by introducing the “Click to buy” program which means easy purchase from the comfort of your home and get contactless home delivery. The dealership has lessened the customers to visit the service center by arranging vehicle pick up and drop off’s which requires a digital signature to authorize the service.


The well-know Rolls-Royce has introduced “handover ceremony” which is the wake of COVID-19 pandemic where strict hygiene and social distancing norms will be followed also they have extended these guidelines in their production plants where frequent handwash is required also installed more hand-washing stations, wearing masks are mandatory by every employee, seating patterns are re-arranged.


Volkswagen is following the principle of “STAY HOME, STAY SAFE” by launching the Sign Anywhere Program which helps the car shoppers to make purchases without stepping out from home. This service provided by Volkswagen has been in association with CDK Global which has been taken by every Volkswagen dealer globally.


Volvo is following the instruction provided by the CDC to reduce the contamination of the virus. Dealerships will implement strict cleaning protocols, sanitization processes, vehicle service, and cleaning.  The car dealerships are advised to purchase Pre-designed Plexi designed for more hygiene, hands-free door openers, steering wheel, seat covers, disposable masks, and glove.

The car-shoppers who are not steeping out for purchase can do online shopping and take virtual delivery, also take services for vehicle pickup and drop-off.

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